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Ahhhh… the lovely image of a pinup riding a bicycle! Skirts tend to fly as the pedals spin faster, an experience some of us are all too familiar with. But most pinups are only posing as cyclists. As a new chapter in bicycle pinup history, photographer Kim Capriotti and illustrator Jana Kinsman have taken real female cyclists from Chicago and transformed them into pinup fantasies.
PROCESS: 50 women enter, 12 pinups emerge
Cyclists from all over Chicago applied to be in the 2012 pinup calendar. We diligently reviewed every application to ensure the display of the appropriate gamut of gams [that’s legs to you]. Those selected chose their pinup ‘alter-ego,’ and then handed themselves over to the professionals to be forever changed.
From applying a lady’s first-ever glossy red lipstick, to a maiden voyage into the wide world of hair rollers, we made sexy a reality for everyone. A milkmaid with her stable of bikes? Coquettish. Napoleon on a rearing steel steed heading off to battle? Saucy. Each lady got to display her own particular charms.
Illustrations complete each image, telling the background story of the pose in pen and ink. In keeping with classic pinup tradition, we make certain never to distract from the main subject. Every pinup, after all, needs a place to shine.  
MISSION: It ain’t what you got… it’s knowin’ you got it.
Beyond putting the most slammin’ hot pinups possible onto a calendar page, TyK [Thought You Knew] is dedicated to helping women become more confident. Confident not only on their bikes, but in the rest of their lives. Cycling once freed women from the strict requirements of fashion, providing an excuse to untie their corsets and don bloomers rather than long skirts. The mobility that a bicycle brought to those women was even more empowering.
TyK’s pinups draw on that same tradition of empowerment through the personal mobility, while also letting women find confidence in the ownership of their sexuality. The experience of being the center of attention during their photo shoot does not fade when the lights go down and the hairspray washes out. Each woman carries her pinup self with her wherever she goes, into board rooms or bike shops.
FUNDING: xoxo . . .
The photos for TyK are already complete. The whole calendar is "in the can." This Kickstarter is to get the pinups out of the can and onto the page, which is no cheap feat. To cover our printing and shipping expenses it's all or nothing up to $5000!
CREWVideo Producer: Kathryn Henderson -
Website: Aya O'Connor -
Music: The Wanton Looks -
Photographer: Kimberly Capriotti -
Illustration / Design: Jana Kinsman -
Make-up Artist: Zee Gustafson -
Videographer: Christina Stradone -
Editor: Laura Madalinski -
Producer / Wardrobe: Alexis Finch

Asst MUA: Hermina Cineparu
Asst MUA: Linda Majid
Asst Videographer: Marian Oliver
Asst Photographer: Nathan Steinbach
Asst Web: Derek Eder
EarthCircle Films:

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